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Changes in civil service exams in more than 2020 provinces
2020 Zhejiang Provincial Examination Fee Entrance Written Exam Counseling Course
新大纲黄埔课程 笔试学习方案 5年省考3年模拟指导 Zhejiang Provincial Exam
入面分数线查询 省考情报站 优秀村干部备考推荐课 Zhejiang Provincial Examination | Entry score line query Provincial Examination Information Station Excellent village cadre preparation course recommended
2020 Zhejiang Provincial Examination New Outline Curriculum
习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想学习纲要解读 Examination in Zhejiang Province | Understanding Xi Jinping's Study Outline of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era
如何提升政治素养 行测五大专项备考 申论关注两点 Multi-provincial Provincial Examination | How to improve political literacy
2019 Sichuan Province Examination Qualification Review / Result Ranking Liaoning Province Examination Qualification Review
笔试成绩排名查询 面试课程 面试峰会 面试协议班 Sichuan Provincial Examination | Written Test Results Ranking Query Interview Course Interview Summit Interview Agreement Class
小班私教课 中公黄埔院长护航定制 面试课程简章 Liaoning province noodles
1月上旬查询笔试成绩 查询入口预约 面试加油包 Jiangsu Province Noodles | Early January Query Written Test Results Query Entrance Appointment Interview
2020 Provincial Examination Changes
2020各省公务员考试时间 国考带给省考的三大影响 Provincial Examination Updates | 2020 Provincial Civil Servant Examination Time National Examinations will Have Three Major Impacts on Provincial Examinations
2020省考模拟考试查漏补缺 精选时政热点 院长定制课 Curriculum Activities | 2020 Provincial Exam Mock Examination, Leak Filling, Selected Current Affairs Hot Topics , Dean Customized Courses
2020 National Examination Results Appointment Reminder 2020 National Examination Interview Trend Analysis
国考面试模拟题提前练 国考面试备考技巧抢先看 2020 National Examination | National Examination Interview Simulation Questions Practice the National Examination Interview Preparation Skills in Advance
12天小白进阶营 早学班热报中 国考四大热门岗位作答 Interview Course | 12 Days Xiaobai Advanced Camp Early Class Hot Report China Four Most Popular Posts to Answer
国考面试重大变化课 2021国考笔试大学生备考推荐 National Examination News | National Examination Interviews Major Changes 2021 National Examination Written Exam College Students Recommended Preparation
Teacher qualification exam
2020 Provincial Teacher Qualification Written Announcement Preparation Solution
陕西公告 湖南公告 重庆公告 新疆笔试公告 Teacher Qualification | Shaanxi Announcement Hunan Announcement Chongqing Announcement Xinjiang Written Test Announcement
报名时间1月9-12日 报名条件 报考指南 Faculty Registration | Registration Time January 9-12 Registration Conditions Application Guide
考试时间3月14日 教师资格笔试考试大纲 Teacher Qualification | Exam Time March 14 Teacher Qualification Written Exam Outline
2020笔试备考方案 直播课 双旦备考挣学费 Teacher Qualification | 2020 written test preparation plan live lesson Shuang Dan preparation for tuition
Selective Health & Medical Care
Tianjin health and health committee recruits 1077 people
山东成绩查询 湖北招800人 山东面试课程 Selective Examination | Shandong Results Search Hubei recruit 800 people Shandong Interview Course
重庆选调生面试课程 甘肃省报名人数查询 Selection Recommendation | Chongqing Selection Interview Course
呼伦贝尔招录 房县招306人 吉林白城招聘 Health Recruitment | Hulunbuir recruits Fangxian recruit 306 people Jilin Baicheng recruit
包头市直508人 呼伦贝尔招407人 讲座 Medical and Health | 508 people in Baotou City Hulunbeier recruit 407 people lecture
Institutions & Rural Credit Cooperatives
Chinese Public Institutions Double Dan Event 2019 CPA Results Query
今日招聘信息 合浦县招264人 房县招351人 Institutions | Recruitment Information Today Hepu County recruits 264 people and Fang County recruits 351 people
沧州招607人 四川成绩查询 包头招1699人 Things to recommend | Cangzhou recruits 607 people, Sichuan results query Baotou recruit 1699 people
注会成绩复核送3000题 税务师成绩查询 Accounting Exam
2019年注册会计师成绩查询流程有新变化 Note results | New changes to the CPA results query process in 2019
Zhangjiakou selects 179 civil servants for recruitment in Zhejiang townships

[Selection Exam] Today's Selection Information Hunan Selection Interview Course Henan Institution Selection Sprint

[Medical Examination] 2019 Pharmacist Performance Query Entrance 2020 Health Qualification Examination Registration

Teachers' admission ticket printed entrance opens bank spring class

[Teacher Qualification] Teacher Qualification Interview Outline Featured Teacher Qualification Face Test Questions Interview Live Class

[Teacher recruitment] Today's teacher recruitment information Hangzhou recruitment summary Jiangsu Huaian recruit 1372 people

[Bank Recruitment] Bank Recruitment Winter Intern Announcement Appointment for 21 People Winter Vacation Class 50% Off

Inner Mongolia Electric Power recruitment job search system Hubei Tobacco recruits 150 people

[State-owned Enterprise Recruitment] State Grid Winter Training Camp Special Event Preparation for Early Flight Lecture Announcement Reservation

[State-owned Enterprise Recruitment] Recruitment Summary of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Company Campus Recruiting 480 People

[Tobacco Recruitment] Zhejiang Tobacco Sprint Brushes Jiangxi Tobacco Recruitment 91 People Fujian Recruitment

Hebei Langfang Rural Credit Cooperative recruits 147 people, Jinan Rural Rejuvenation recruits 1,300 people

[Nongxinshe] Hebei Coaching Course Sichuan Interview Course Shandong Interview Course [Village Officer] National Summary

[Police Law Examination] Shijiazhuang Recruitment Clerk Registered to Enter 426 Jinan Auxiliary Police in Shandong

[Army Civil Service ] 2020 Civil Academy Written Examination for Civilian Written Exam Courses

Exam calendar

Exam Type registration time Written test time Detailed announcement
Jiangsu Medical and Health 12.30-12.31 To be determined Details>
Heilongjiang Police Law 12.30-2020.1.5 To be determined Details>
Jiangsu Police Law Examination 12.30-2020.1.3 To be determined Details>
Inner Mongolia career post 2020.1.2-1.13 3.21 Details>
Teacher recruitment in Jiangsu 2020.1.2-1.3 Mid-January Details>
Teacher recruitment in Liaoning 2020.1.2-1.5 1.16 Details>
Anhui Medical and Health 2020.1.2-1.7 1.11 Details>
Hubei Public Institution 2020.1.15-1.17 To be determined Details>
The common sense judgment in the test requires that the civil servant must have a relatively wide range of knowledge. In this type of test, the selected materials are from ancient to modern, from inorganic to human ... Details >>
Exam questions bank: Exam questions about humanities common sense 1. The meeting where the Communist Party of China determined Mao Zedong Thought as the Party's guiding ideology was (). A Six sessions of the Communist Party of China ... more >>
In the ideal, the way to be an official is that Yu Qian hopes that his life will be full and that he will work hard to leave the mountains and minds of the people. The official way is Zhou Enlai for the rise of China ... Details >>
Shen Fanfan: Writing Youth with Family

12月30日 Categorise : Shenlun > Shenlun Model Essays > December 30

Home is the smallest country, and there are millions of homes. From history to reality, the Chinese nation has always upheld the great justice of the homeland, and the small home is closely related to the big country. From ... Details >>
Interview Mock: Web Search Dependence

12月30日 Categorise : Interviews > Mock Questions > December 30

[Simulation questions] Nowadays, most people encounter problems. The first thing they think of is to search. If you can't find them, then ask questions on the Internet, and hope ... Details >>
[Simulation questions] Nowadays, a large number of post-95s have taken up jobs, ushering in another starting point in life. However, according to the survey, the average post-95 first job is in the post ... Details >>
A daily practice summary of current affairs and political simulation questions in 2019
Introduction: The China Affairs Current Affairs Politics Channel updates domestic and international current affairs political hotspots, and provides current affairs political hotspots, current political simulation questions, current affairs memorabilia ... Details >>
The heroic nature of the sea. Overcoming the phased difficulties in the development process and solving the adaptation challenges in the growth process can we become stronger, ... Details >>
As an important part of the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" Jinglan corridor in the National Medium and Long-term Railway Network Plan, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway will be on December 30 ... More >>

Interview hotspots: The economy needs intensive cultivation at night

[Hot Links] On July 9, 2019, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the "Measures of Beijing on Further Prospering the Night Economy and Promoting Consumption Growth", ...

12月30日 Categories: Interviews > Interview Hotspots > Economics > December 30


Interview hotspots: get rid of bad inertia, start with breakfast

[Hot background] Recently, a youth team conducted a questionnaire survey on 3,069 college students around the topic of eating habits. The results show that nearly 50% of the universities ...

12月30日 Categories: Interviews > Interview Hotspots > Culture > December 30


Interview hotspots: live broadcasts need to be regulated

[Hot spot background] Last year's double 11 last year, there were online celebrities who hit a record of 330 million yuan. A lipstick sold 150,000 lipsticks within 5 minutes. digital...

12月30日 Categories: Interviews > Interview Hotspots > Economics > December 30


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